La gourmet® Truly Oriental 4L Toughened Claypot with Ceramic Lid & Induction(IH) with FREE Gift

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Product Specifications;
Weight: 3.4kg
Height: 12.8cm
Length: 12.8cm
Depth: 24.5cm
Diameter: 24.5cm
Capacity : 4L

Product Material;
Claypot: Australia’s Spodumene, Clay, Kaolin & Quartz
Shogun K-Essential Silicone Ladle: Silicone and Stainless Steel

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The Epitome Of Natural & Healthy Cooking “ The perfect blend of traditional cooking with modern trendy colors ”
  1. 100% HEALTHY NATURAL CLAY It is full of spodumene(from Australia) for the Best Heat Resistant, non-toxic and eco-friendly ceramic material.
  2. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Boil, stew, bake, braise, fry and double boil.
  3. INDUCTION BASE (IH) Suitable for all cooking stoves.
  4. SGS TESTED Free of lead and cadmium. Safe for food contact use.
Use & Care

Before Use
  1. Wash pot with dish drop. Put water in pot, boil for 15 minutes. Throw water away and the pot is ready for use. CAUTION: Once heated, pot is very hot as heat is retained in the interior of pot. Please use mittens to handle the heated pot or wait for it to cool down.
  2. Always put contents in the pot before turning on the flame. Use medium heat to heat up and low flame to bring out the best flavor in cooking.
  3. For double boil, always use slow cooking method after water has boiled. This slow cooking will bring out the best and the soup will be tasty and nutritious.
  4. Excellent for braising meat and cooking in oven.
  5. Can be used to bake cake.
  6. Excellent for cooking claypot rice.


  1. Use dish drop and hot water to clean the pot.
  2. For stubborn stains, put some water and a drop of dish washing liquid in the claypot and boil to remove stains.
  3. Please handle the pot with care and Truly Oriental Claypot will give you many years of healthy and aromatic cooking.
  4. Do not soak in water for long period of time. Once wash let it air dry & store in good ventilation area.

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Weight 3.4 kg