Galactic 28cm Galactic Wok


Product Specifications;
Height: 16cm
Length: 56cm
Depth: 30cm
Weight: 2.42kg
Diameter: 28cm
Capacity : 3.5L
Product Material: 18/10 stainless steel + non- stick

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    La gourmet® uses the latest Revolutionary Press Cast Technology which makes our cast iron more than 30% LIGHTER than normal.

    1. Combines the benefit of Stainless Steel and Non-stick
    2. ILAG PREMIUM Non-stick coating from Switzerland
    3. Foods slide easily off, making it easy to clean and reducing your oil consumption
    4. DURABLE CLADDED BODY 5. 5-Ply Cladded 18/10 stainless steel body for better heat distribution
      • Secure and safe grip
      • Quality Assurance
      • 10 YEARS WARRANTY on stainless steel body
      • 2 YEARS WARRANTY on non-stick coating
    5. Ultimate non- stick durability The raised of stainless steel honeycombed shaped web protect non-stick coating.
    6. Raised stainless steel dots. For added non-stick protection.
    7. ILAG Premium Non -stick coating from Swizerland.
        • Fill the cookware with water till it covers all of the non-stick honeycombed surface, add some drops of dishwashing liquid and boil for 5 minutes. Throw the water away and repeat this 2-3 times.
        • After boiling with water for 2-3 times wash the cookware thoroughly with water and dish soap and a non-scratch sponge.
        • USE LOW TO MEDIUM HEAT Due to the high heat retention, once the cookware is heated, medium or low heat is sufficient to perform normal cooking. This saves energy, gas and money.
        • USE NYLON/SILICON OR WOODEN SPATULA It is recommended to use nylon/silicon or wooden spatula as this will avoid damaging the non-stick surface of the wok and prolong its lifespan.
        • AVOID HITTING WOK WITH SHARP OBJECTS Avoid hitting the wok with the sharp ends of a stainless steel spatula. This may cause dents and small pin holes in the surface.
        • AVOID BAKING SALT IN WOK Baking salt for long periods of time can cause pitting on the wok to occur.
      2. CLEANING
        • After use, please clean interior cookware with dish drop and a non-scratch sponge.
        • For stubborn stains or burnt food please put some water and dish drop inside the cookware and boil on small flame to loosen stubborn stains. Remove, wash clean and dry.
        • Always clean the exterior of the cookware with dish drop and non-scratch sponge.
        • If stains is on the exterior of cookware wash immediately.
        • Do not burn the stain over the flame as this will cause the stain to be infused into the exterior cookware and will be difficult to remove.
        • However this will not influence the performance of your cookware.

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    Weight 2.42 kg
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