The Brand Promise

Since 27 years ago, La gourmet has never wavered from its twin core principles of “Conserve Energy” and “Healthy Living”

We are champion of our belief that healthy cooking requires healthy and safe cooking tools to create healthy living. Cooking is a great tool to create family bonding as “the family/friends who eat together stay together”

La gourmet is a brand that cares and believes in providing innovative cooking tools that will save time for the “working mum”, “moms at home”, “Chef at home” so they can free their precious time for what serves them productively.

Moving into the 21st century, La gourmet realised that we can do much more to reduce our carbon footprint as climatic change is affecting adversely the whole ecological system of the planet. We add on to our core principle of “Conserve Energy” with a greater emphasis on “Embrace Eco-Living with La gourmet”. 

Brand Mission and Why are we Different?

We are committed to help you lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing you with innovative kitchen solutions that promote energy conservation and sustainability. 

Our mission is to educate customers identify and choosing the right cookware by enriching everyday living with quality and affordable solutions. What matters is WHY we innovate and create, and HOW we differentiate ourselves from the rest.

Our business proposition is not on what we sell but Why We Sell?


By going green, we can help reduce pollutant and leaving lesser carbon footprint. While everyone has a role to play in this rising alarming global threat, not everyone know how. Join La gourmet in this journey to make green choices together. 

All the choices we make are at the expense of our planet’s future. Afterall,
“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” –Native American proverb

La gourmet, since 27 years ago in Malaysia has always been an advocate of conserving energy but its voice of advocating it is not loud enough. 

The seriousness of climatic change has been reported by CBS news that human civilizations face “Existential risk” by end of century and there will be widespread societal breakdown caused by the migration of billions of people affected by drought, rising sea levels, and environmental destruction.

Climate change impacts on food and water systems, declining crop yields and rising food prices driven by drought, wildfire and harvest failures have become catalysts for social breakdown across the Middle East contributing to the European migration crisis, the report said.

This pandemic will be worse than COVID 19 which will be beyond our control if we do not take measures with baby steps to widen the circle of awareness and action whilst waiting for world leaders to do much more. 

Who will be involved?  We need to reach more people so all the key departmental stores, speciality retailers and gourmet supermarkets will participate to create a wider audience and awareness throughout the countries of Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

NGOs who are on such campaigns will be invited to give educated talk to school children to create greater awareness and actions we can take to reduce our carbon foot prints.

School children in 27 school will be involved in planting trees/ fruit trees with education videos to impart to them the importance of going green and to embrace Eco Living.

La gourmet initiating this project are the baby steps we can take to support the global organizations of planting billion trees around the world. The Green Belt Movement and The Nature Conservancy Plant a Billion Trees Campaign is a major forest restoration effort with a goal of planting a billion trees around the planet. “Trees are the lungs of our planet “as they provide:

Quote by

  • The oxygen we breathe
  • They filter clean air, trap and store carbon reducing the atmospheria greenhouse gases which cause global warning
  • Bring rain to the land and play a crucial role in the 

   world’s water cycle

  • Store water and stabilize the soil.
  • Protect the soil and increase surrounding soil fertility.
  • Offer shades from the sun 
  • Provide wind breaks 
  • Provide valuable wood, fruits, nuts, flowers, medicine and other resources for humans. 
  • Provide fodder, habitat and other resources for livestock and wildlife. It is important to note that tree planting alone cannot offset our mammoth global carbon emission but it can help to mitigate and adapt in the face of climate emergency. Planting trees is a key part of the pathway to a more resilient, fair and sustainable future. We felt that we need create this vital awareness to our school children and to educate them the benefits and importance of trees than to just pass them by. We will get those who are experts to provide talks on “Trees Matter”.

The easiest to participate is to support La gourmet “Save the Planet” fund raising by buying the various limited-edition products that are eco-friendly namely :

  1. La gourmet Pack to go and Thermal ware with special prints of endangered species. These endangered species are seriously at risk of extinction. We have selected those from the Antarctic, the Oceans, the Safari, and the Tropical.
  2. Shogun “Midori” Cookware by La gourmet that provides at least 50 % of energy saving due to the cast aluminium body that has great conductivity of heat distribution.
  3. La gourmet limited edition small electrical appliances especially the electric pressure cooker which provides huge energy savings.
  4. La gourmet Cast Iron Nitrigan Cookware which not only is great for “wok hei” tasty cooking but is a great conductor of heat that reduces cooking time thus saving energy.

La gourmet is very much focused on YOU and the home. La gourmet listens to the customers to provide relevant solutions to meet your needs for healthy, safe and efficient cooking. It stays relevant to understand the environment to provide you cooking solutions and food preparation tools that will reduce your carbon footprint with eco-energy saving products that makes cooking and living easier.

La gourmet will only provide cookware, cooking tool and electrical home appliances that will at least reduce 50% of our carbon footprint. The brand will continue to innovate and grow in this area, to build or source products that will further enhance the Eco Living promise. 

Without fail, La gourmet will continue to educate on importance of Eco Living to school children and to our customers. 


La gourmet will continue to encourage Home Chef to make cooking fun, sexy and cool as this will also encourage and appeal to the younger generation in their 20s and 30s. Cooking at home is safe, healthy, more nutritious and a great way to save money too. 

La gourmet believes it can play a great role to make cooking easy and fun with the upgrading of kitchen tools and cookware and believes food and cooking is a great way to bond family and friends

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