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Buttercup 1.6L Glass Liner Vacuum Water Jug (Gold & Black)

Product Specifications;
Height: 29cm
Length: 14.3cm
Depth: 14.3cm
Weight: 0.93kg
Capacity: 1.6l
Product Material: Boron

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    1. ASBESTOS FREE – Many Cheap Glass Liners in the water jug use asbestos which is harmful to our health.
    2. HEALTHY & CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE – La gourmet®Vacuum Water Jug with glass liners are certied safe for food contact use by TUV SUD and comply with LFGB (German Food & Commodity Goods Law) .
    3. BOROSILICATE GLASS – La gourmet® Vacuum Jug uses borosilicate glass which is better able to withstand the thermal expansion. (NOTE : Before putting Boiling Hot Liquid inside its still advisable to rinse the CARAFE/JUG with HOT WATER. Also avoid extreme changes in temperature. Example: Putting cold water immediately after hot water is kept inside and vice versa.)
    4. Vacuum Insulated for maximum temperature retention.
    5. Constructed of 5 safety layers which is a new innovation in glassliner vacuum jug.
    1. Hot- Up to 12 hours. Cold – Up to 24 hours
    2. Healthy- Non – reactive, non-leaching.
    3. Food safe-Safe for food contact.

    Special features of our water jug

    1. The content of boron in pink glass refill is much higher than white glass refill, so the temperature for pink glass will be higher than white.
    2. The pink glass is much stronger and heavier than white one.

    Use & Care

    1. Before 1st use please clean your La gourmet® product with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Using a cleaning brush with a soft foam head will make the task easier. Do not use metal or hard plastic cleaning brushes.
    2. For best results rinse your La gourmet® product with warm water for hot drinks and cold water for cold drinks. This is to improve the insulation performance and prevent breaking of the glass liner.
    3. The flask should be filled up to 2 cm below the spout for best results. CLEANING 1. Clean your La gourmet® product with water & dishwashing liquid.
    4. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the outside of the vacuum jug. Do not use scouring pads, sponges which may damage the exterior.
    5. Dry fully after cleaning before storing.
    6. To remove difficult stains or after using for a long time, fill your La gourmet® product with hot water and add one teaspoonful of bicarbonate soda. Please soak overnight for best results. After soaking wash and rinse as normal.
    7. Air dry with stopper removed.


    1. Do not immerse fully in water or put it in the dishwasher.
    2. Never use in a microwave oven, conventional oven, stove or hotplate.
    3. Do not use solvents and abrasive cleaners.
    4. Do not put any frozen or solid objects or stir the contents with any hard objects as this may damage the glass liner.
    5. Avoid dropping the water jug as the Glass Liner may get damaged and the glass liner could break. Please examine carefully to ensure that the Glass Liner is intact before using. If the Glass Liner is cracked or damaged the product should not be used as they may contain glass fragments.
    6. Avoid storing carbonated drinks or dry ice inside as this could cause the stopper to be forcefully ejected or cause damage to the glass liner.
    7. Do not keep milk products or baby foods (Bacteria Growth may be possible if kept for some time).
    8. Products should be kept upright at all times as it may leak if put on the side.
    9. Temperature will be lowered if there is less liquid as there is a airflow within the jug.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.71 kg
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