Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker 4L


Special Features: Auto cover sensor, Childlock & 14-preset program
Capacity: 4L
Power: 1000w
Warranty: 2 years
Material: Stainless steel

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    Deep fryer, bake, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, stew, sterilizer, essence extractor, steamer, rice cooker, open lid cooking, slow cookerINNOVATIVE FEATURES:
    – 14 one-touch preset cooking programs (Including integrated: yogurt maker & essence extractor)
    – 80% faster cooking time: making stew in just minutes!
    – 24-hours preset timer
    – Easy to clean, detachable lid
    – Lock-in-nutrient pressure-seal cooking system
    – Cool grip handles and lid holder
    – Flexible adjustable cooking durationTOP 8 SAFETY FEATURES:
    1. One touch pressure release button: Release hot steam in a safe way
    2. Safer than traditional: Worry-free using the electric pressure cooker
    3. Overheating protection: Auto cut off electricity when overheated
    4. Excess pressure protection: Auto exhaust steam when the pot is overpressure
    5. Anti-blockage vent: Prevents food debris from blocking the vent
    6. Safety lid lock: The lid is locked when pressurized
    7. Auto Cover Sensor: Auto cut off if the cover is not closed properly
    8. Child Lock: To prevent children from accidentally click on any settingIncluded Accessories:
    Pressure cooker with 4L non-stick inner pot, 4L SUS304 stainless steel inner pot, tempered glass lid, stainless steel steamer rack, measuring cup, rice spoon & condensation collector.

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