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La gourmet Nitrigan 34 x 12cm Cast Iron Multipurpose Wok, 7L (Induction) [Jomama]


Product Specifications;
Height  : 12cm
Length :  42cm
Width   :  42.6cm
Weight :  2.5kg
Diameter : 34cm
Capacity : 7L
Induction Base Diameter: 20cm
Product Material: Cast Iron
Free Accessories included: Frying rack +Frying basket + chopsticks

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    Recent trend of using Cast Iron has been acknowledged as oe of the safest and healthiest cast iron cookware because its natural and without chemicals or coatings.

    La gourmet uses the latest Revolutionary Press Cast Technology which makes our cast iron wok  more than 30% LIGHTER than normal.


    1. Using SPECIAL NITRIDING TECHNOLOGY which makes La gourmet® NITRIGAN LIGHT CAST IRON cookware
      • DURABLE – can last for many years and can be passed from generation to generation


    1. Up to 50% energy savings
    2. Healthy- Cast Iron cookware is said to be healthiest and safest cookware to use
    3. Using the ‘Revolutionary Press Cast Technology’ made La gourmet Cast Iron cookware 30% lighter. For customers who want the benefits of cast iron cookware without the heavy weight
    4. Get the ‘WOK HEI’ on frying
    5. Free of Lead & Cadmium
    6. Tested by SGS Laboratories
    7. 100 % Safe, Hygienic, Healthy and nutritious cooking



    Please follow these instructions to prolong the product life and to maintain the optimal performance of your La gourmet® Nitriding Wok.

    Conditioning the pan with oil before it is used for the first time is very important.

    BEFORE USE First wash your pan’s inner and outer surface with some dish washing liquid. Rinse and dry it.

    After drying the pan, please follow the oil conditioning procedure.

    Initial Oil Conditioning

    1. Fill the pan with one cup of oil.
    2. Heat the pan for approximately 5 minutes using low heat or until the pan is smoking hot.
    3. Coat the entire interior cookware by tilting the pan and turn the oil around.
    4. Turn off the heat and remove the oil from the pan. The oil can be kept in an oil pot for repeated seasoning. CAUTION: Pan is very hot
    5. Using a soft towel, spread and work the remaining oil residue evenly into the pan surface.
    6. Initial oil conditioning is completed and the pan is ready to be used.



    Routine oil conditioning must always be performed before each use.

    Performing oil conditioning before each use prevents food from sticking and makes cooking and cleaning much easier.

    This is something that most professional cooks know and do. With proper conditioning, the cookware will form a natural patina and will resist food from sticking, making cooking and cleaning easier.

    Routine Oil Conditioning

    1. Heat up your pan using medium heat.
    2. Add about ½ cup of oil to the pan (you can reuse the oil from the first conditioning).
    3. Tilt the pan and turn the oil around to coat the entire interior surface.
    4. After the oil is heated and the pan is evenly coated and conditioned, return the oil to its oil pot.
    5. The pan is ready for cooking. Please add fresh oil for your usual cooking. *Oil conditioning prevents food from sticking while creating a coating which allows heat to be distributed more evenly on the pan surface.


    1. Use a scrub brush while the cookware is still hot and wash the pan with water/hot water. (Avoid using the dishwasher and dish soap as it may strip away the protective coating)
    2. When done rinse it off and wipe off any moisture from both interior and exterior of the cookware. The cookware should be properly dried before storing.


    1. Make sure to perform routine oil conditioning before each use of the cast iron wok.
    2. Using a detergent may strip away the protective coating acquired from oil conditioning.
    3. Should the pan require deep cleaning with a detergent, apply oil evenly to the surface after cleaning.
    4. Reperforming initial oil conditioning is recommended before use.

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