• Pureglas 500ml Bottle w Silicone Sleeve-Pink edited
  • Pureglas 500ml Bottle w Silicone Sleeve-Pink edited
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La gourmet Pureglas 500ml Bottle with Silicone Sleeve – Pink


Product Specifications;
Height: 22.5cm
Length: 8.4cm
Depth: 8.2cm
Weight: 0.36kg
Color: Pink

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    Pureglas is made from high quality borosilicate glass, has a low thermal expansion coefficient, which also adds to it’s exceptional performance at high temperatures (up to 80°C).

    This characteristic allows the glass to resist breakage cause by temperature change. Additionally, borosilicate glass is far more durable than traditional glass, and can withstand thermal shock that would break other glassware.


    • Safe & Pure borosilicate glass bottles
    • Silicone protection-Silicone non-slip and anti-odor properties
    • Use Hot or Cold hydration glass bottles
    • Suitable for lemon water on the go
    • Eco-friendly
    • Food Grade
    • Heat Resistant
    • Dishwasher safe without lid
    • Ideal use on the move, for sports or in the office

    Use & Care

    First Use Wash with mild detergent, rinse and dry. Daily Care A quick soapy water shake and rinse is sufficient. Occasionally use a long brush to clean the interior is recommended.

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    Weight 0.36 kg
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