Celebrating the 27th Anniversary La gourmet focus is on ‘Save The Planet’ as climatic change has severe consequences affecting the whole eco system of the planet. CBS News 4th June 2019, Australia, reported that this huge imbalance will see extinction of human civilization by end of Century. (CBS News 4th June 2019). Our focus is to be relevant as we want to shout it loud to create awareness to all our people that we must be awaken to this climatic change as it is an even bigger threat than Covid 19.

For the phase 1 (August-November 2021) of this year long celebration, we will highlight on ‘Protect the endangered species’ featuring print of these species in our ‘Pack to go’ bottles and thermal wares. These animals featured are from the Antarctica, the Safari, the Tropical and the Ocean. These animals have been classified as facing high risk of extinction. Orang-utans is impacted by deforestation and illegal wildlife trade. Sea turtles population is also diminishing and Rhinos population in Africa is moving into extinction. Tigers are also losing in huge numbers as their habitat continue to be threatened. The illegal trade of ivory also created a huge decreasing population of African elephants.

With the special prints on this limited edition, La gourmet wants to educate the users that these are endangered species. How we can help is to learn to take baby steps to reduce our carbon footprint as each step will cause a ripple effect to widen the circle of awareness on climatic change. Each of us can do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, starting with embracing eco living, paving the way especially for our young generation. We need to keep mother earth safe for our young generation.

La gourmet is a brand with a heart and believes cooking bonds family together. This phase will see the introduction of Shogun Midori cast aluminium cookware that not only provides great conduction of heat with saving energy of at least 50% but are tools that contributes towards easy and tasty cooking. 

All your purchases will help to contribute towards tree planting in 27 schools, to educate school children on eco living and climatic change and various other educational activities will be carried out to create the awareness of climatic change. Come join us towards this eco-journey with La gourmet so we can widen the circle of ‘Love The Planet’ to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. La gourmet rewards you with great eco products at take away prices as you become one of the SAVE THE PLANET valued partner with your support and participation

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