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Cancer is on the rise & it is alarming and it is alarming. It is backed by these figures that you can see

There are 3 main causes of cancer:

  1. Consumption of fast food and process food
  2. STRESS due to overthinking
  3. UNHEALTHY LIFESTLY like not enough sleep, too much drinking and smoking.

These facts are all backed by the article “Why cancer is on the rise”, and it is published recently on 27 Dec 2022.

I recently met with Ms Lee Lee, Founder and honorary CEO of the Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation.

She highlighted to me “Jean, breast cancer is really alarmingly on the rise, especially among young women.” She also emphasises that a vast cause of cancer is attributed to the consumption of food, especially fast food & processed food these days. This serves as an awakening to all of us that food & lifestyle are the key reasons people are getting cancer.

Can we do something about that?

Yes, we can help to prevent Cancer with the understanding that:

If we focus on this crucial cause, we should encourage Home Cooking.

Why? Because of two words


You are in control of the choicest ingredients and that kind of oil you use for cooking. So you avoid ingredients high in unhealthy fats, sodium, and added sugars commonly found in processed foods. That is why we at La gourmet advocate Home cooking for the best of your health. Cooking at home for 4 to 5 days in a week is all you need!

Join us on this journey with La gourmet for simple solutions!

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