Pull Cord Chopper and Spiralizer

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Chop & Spiralize like a Pro. No need for electricity to chop, mince or puree in seconds.

Product Specifications;
Weight: 0.327kg
Height: 11.8cm
Length: 11.8cm
Depth: 11.2cm

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    • Chop fresh cauliflower – cauliflower rice
    • Mincemeat and herbs for a burger
    • Mince chilies to make sambal
    • Puree baby food
    • Convert biscuits to crumbs for the base of the cheesecake
    • Chop nuts
    • Chop and make salsa Ideal for curly fries and vegetable

    USE & CARE


    • All products are washable except the lid. Wipe the lid with a clean damp cloth. Do not immerse the lid in water.
    • Fit the blades onto the rod of the container.
    • Close the lid and make sure it’s lock.
    • Place the container onto a flat dry surface.
    • Hold the container down with one hand and pull with the other.


    • Wash your vegetable and trim one end to make it flat and even.
    • Select the blade you want to use and secure the spiralizer lid to the container.
      Button 1 & 2 – Thin, Button 2 or 2 – Medium, Button Reset – Ribbon
    • Place the flat end of the vegetable against the blade.
    • Use your hand and apply pressure to the vegetable and twist it clockwise.
    • When you approach the end of the vegetable, save your fingers from any mishap by inserting the pronged food holder into exposed end of the vegetable.
    • Continue twisting clockwise with the food holder.

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    Weight0.327 kg
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