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La Gourmet Tea & Coffee Borosilicate 6 Pcs Tea Set

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Product Specifications;
Height: 62cm
Length: 58.8cm
Depth: 39.5cm
Weight: 12kg
Product Material: Borosilicate Glass

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    • Glass is pure and beautiful.
    • Glass is hygienic lifestyle.
    • With passion for things pure and beautiful.
    • La gourmet proudly presents another addition to the Tea and Coffee Collection by La gourmet.

    Why Buy?

    1. Made of Lightweight Borosilicate Glass.
    2. High Quality Transparency and Elegance.
    3. Thermal Shock and Scratch Resistant.
    4. Low coefficients of Thermal Expansion.
    5. Very Resistant to chemical Corrosion.


    1. Hand blown borosilicate glass accented with gleaming stainless steel knob, lid and infuser basket.
    2. Heat resistant borosilicate glass

    Use & Care:

    1. La gourmet® Tea and Coffee Collection, made from borosilicate glass is very heat resistant.
    2. As the glass is clear, cleaning is easy as at a glance you can see if it is clean. Water and a mild liquid soap are sufficient.
    3. Glass is not porous and does not retain any previous tastes after washing.
    4. For Long and Lasting Beauty and Durability :-
      • Do not immerse a boiling hot pot into very cold water. Dropping the pot onto a hard surface will also cause breakage despite borosilicate glass high durability. If the Tea & Coffee item does break, it does not shatter like normal glass but cracks or separates into large pieces.

    Additional information

    Weight 14.4 kg
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