• 2023.05.18 Shogun K-Essentials Mini Chopper-Grey 12.4cm (D) x 10.1 cm (H) , 520ml
  • Shogun K Essential Mini Chopper

Shogun K-Essentials Mini Chopper-Grey 12.4cm (D) x 10.1 cm (H) , 520ml


Product Specifications;
Height: 12.7cm
Length: 10cm
Depth: 12.7cm
Weight: 0.19kg
Color: White and Grey

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    1. Carefully place the blade over the center of the bowl.
    2. Cut the ingredients in crude pieces and place them in the bowl, to ensure best result, fill at most 1/4 of bowl capacity with ingredients eg; a medium sized onion.
    3. Place the cover on the bowl.
    4. Hold the lid with one hand and pull the handle with other hand, until the desired results are achieved.
    5. Take out the blade carefully before removing food from bowl.

    How many Pulls

    5 times for coarse
    10 times for fine
    15 times for super fine.

    Use & Care

    • Just clean the lid with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.
    • Can be washed normally. All parts except “LID” is dishwasher safe.

    CAUTION*** Be careful as the blade are sharp.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.1941 kg
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