• 2024.06.25-Shogun-Kyoto-Fry-Pan-24cm-Price
  • 2024.06.25-Shogun-Kyoto-Fry-Pan-24cm

Shogun Kyoto 24 x 5.3cm Nonstick Deep Fry Pan with Induction (IH)


Product Specifications;
Height   :  5.3cm
Length  :  44.5cm
Width    :  25.5cm
Weight  :  0.805kg
Diameter : 24cm
Capacity  :1.7L
Induction Base Diameter: 13.6cm
Product Material : Cast Aluminium + Tritanium Ultra Non-Stick Coating from Switzerland

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    Shogun cast cookware is individually cast in a mould unlike press aluminium cookware which is pressed from a flat pre-cut circle. This makes Shogun die cast cookware stronger and more durable than other pressed cookware

    SHOGUN KYOTO interior is coated with the premium non-stick Tritanium Ultra which is a 8-layers Shogun system. The top 5 layers are Tritanium Ultra non-stick reinforced with ceramic on the mid coat and base coat and further reinforced with granite particles to give it the durability and superior non-stick capability.

    1st  Layer : Resistant top coat applied wet-in-wet Tritanium Ultra non-stick coating  from Switzerland

    2nd  Layer : Wet in wet coating reinforced with granite particles.

    3rd  Layer : Wet in wet 2 coating with special particles

    4th  Layer : Highly ceramic reinforced Mid Coat

    5th Layer : Highly ceramic reinforced Base Coat

    6th Layer : Cast Aluminium Core that provides excellent heat conductivity even heat distribution

    7th Layer : High Heat Resistant Exterior Coating.

    8th  Layer : Induction Base



    Tritanium ULTRA Non-stick Coating (Interior)

    • Foods slide easily off, making it easy to clean and reducing oil consumption
    • Tritanium from Switzerland meets the Highest SAFETY STANDARD and QUALITY ASSURANCE. Tritanium is produced by the biggest Swiss Non-stick Manufacturer.
    • Low Fat Healthy Cooking. less Oil = Health

    Special Designed Die-cast Aluminium Body

    • Superior heat distribution
    • Save up to 50% of energy vs normal cookware as more heat retained

    Ergonomic Safety Handles

    • Stay-cool bakelite handles for safe & easier handling

    High Quality Tempered Glass

    • For easy viewing of your cooking and reducing energy loss from opening the lid

    Thick Gauge Induction Base

    • Even cooking as thick base does not warp

    High Heat Resistant Exterior Coating

     Peace of mind

    • 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects

    This does not cover against scratches, blisters of non-stick due to persistent high heat & aggressive cooking. Normal wear & tear on the non-stick is also not covered




    -Please clean the cookware thoroughly with dish drop & a non-scratch sponge.

    Rinse & Dry


      • The die-cast body of Shogun non- stick cookware has great heat conductivity, so please use low to medium heat. Start with medium flame & turn to low flame once cookware is hot.
      • Do not overheat an empty cookware over high flames as it can cause damage to the non-stick coating over a period of time. Just heat & cook immediately


    • After use, please clean interior cookware with dish drop & a non-scratch sponge.
    • For stubborn stains or burnt food please put some water & dish drop inside the cookware
    • For stubborn stains or burnt food please put some water & dish drop inside the cookware & boil on small flame to loosen stubborn stains. Remove, wash clean & dry.
    • Always clean the exterior of the cookware with dish drop & non-scratch sponge. If stains are on the exterior of cookware wash immediately. Do not burn the stain over the flame as this will cause the stain to be infused into the exterior cookware & will be difficult to remove. However, this will not influence the performance of your cookware.

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    Weight 1.805 kg
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