Vviva 30 x 9.5cm Cast Aluminium Stir Fry Wok with lid (IH)



Product Specifications;
Height :   9.5cm
Length :  49.5cm
Depth  :  31.2cm
Weight : 1.86kg
Color : Black handle & knob, Red body
Material : Cast Aluminium

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    Vviva cast cookware is individually cast in a mould unlike press aluminium cookware which is pressed from a flat pre-cut circle. This makes Vviva die cast cookware stronger and more durable than other pressed cookware.

    Why Buy?

    • High Heat Resistant Exterior Coating
    • Ergonomic Safety Handles · Stay-cool bakelite handles for safe & easier handling
    • 1 Years Warranty
    • Specially Designed Thick Gauge Cast Aluminum
    • Induction Base
    • Even cooking as thick base does not warp
    • Foods slide easily off, making it easy to clean & reducing your oil consumption
    • For superior heat conductivity and even heat distribution.
    • Saves up to 50% of cooking time compared to normal cookware because more heat is retained

    Xitanium QUARTZ Marble Non stick coating from Germany with 6 layer protection system

    • 1st Layer- Resistant Top Coat applied wet-in-wet Xitanium Quartz Marble Coating
    • 2nd Layer – Wet-In-wet coating reinforced with Marble resistant particles
    • 3rd Layer – Primer with optimum adhesion to the substrate
    • 4th Layer Die Cast aluminium core provides excellent thermal conductivity and heat distribution
    • 5th Layer – High heat resistant exterior coating
    • 6th Layer – Induction base

    Additional information

    Weight 3 kg
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