27 Anniversary Global Warming


In this second chapter, my key focus is on the Awakening – to create a deep consciousness the
state of deep awareness, to the real problems that are facing us, climatic change and soil depletion in the world, these problems will be claustrophobic beyond salvation between 20 to 50 years.
When that happens there will be war, a scramble for food, a fight for usable land that is diminished.

Do we wait for “too late” to happen?

Each and everyone of us are aware that the weather is changing, fresh produce are not tasting like it used to, the nutrients are depleting. If we are aware of these, please wake up to embrace eco-living as we can collectively do more even if the step is small but in a chain of circle the ripples will become an ocean.

Let us do our part to create awareness of climatic change and the depletion of soil. With immediate action, look at what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and to stop using chemicals in our garden. Let us together only use organic soil and composting for fertilizers, Let us create space for organic home gardening which in our third issue we will elaborate on home gardening and composting.

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