Galactic Honeycomb Cookware 3pcs Set


La gourmet® Galactic 24cm x 5.5cm frypan honeycomb with Ilag Premium non-stick, Switzerland + Galactic 38cm x 10.5cm 5 ply Wok honeycomb with Ilag Premium non-stick, Switzerland and stainless steel lid in mailbox packaging with colour sleeve. Get our honeycomb cookware today!

Product Specifications;
Height: 24.9cm
Length: 48cm
Depth: 39.8cm
Weight: 3.28kg
Diameter: 38cm
Capacity: 4.5l
Induction Base Diameter: 18cm

Fry Pan
Height: 9.6cm
Length: 47cm
Depth: 25.4cm
Weight: 0.9kg
Diameter: 24cm
Capacity: 1.1l
Induction Base Diameter: 19cm

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    Why La gourmet® Galactic Honeycomb Cookware?

    • New Innovation in Cookware - Our honeycomb cookware is the perfect Combination of Stainless Steel and Non-stick.
    • This Galactic Honeycomb cookware uses an intricate raised stainless steel HONEYCOMBED WEB which protects the Ilag Premium non-stick interior that is coated on the interior of the stainless steel wok.
    • The honeycombed structure and the raised metal dots act like a protector to the non-stick. It is like a wall around the non-stick, protecting it yet allowing the non-stick to release the food and making frying easier.
    • Made of 5 ply 18/10 stainless steel which is a great conductor of heat
    • 10 years warranty

    WHY BUY A La gourmet® COOKWARE?

    Since the inception La gourmet® was built on the twin core principles of ‘Conserve Energy’ & ‘Healthy Living’.
    La gourmet® gives you the Assurance of Safety and the Guarantee of a finely crafted cookware that provides both convenience and healthy cooking.
    La gourmet® aims to provide innovative products that are

    • Functional
    • Hygienic And Safe To Use
    • Eco Friendly Energy Saving
    • Sustainable
    • Versatile 


    Swiss Brand Of Non-stick Technology- ILAG PREMIUM NON-STICK meets the highest SAFETY STANDARDS and QUALITY ASSURANCE. ILAQ AG, SWITZERLAND has been producing non-stick since1971 and complies with all major International Regulations with regards to Food Contact (US FDA APPROVED) LOW FAT HEALTHY COOKING. LESS OIL = HEALTH.

    Using lower heat helps to preserve the tastes and nutrients when cooking and reduces the amount of seasoning needed.

    The stainless steel honeycombed shaped web plus the unique stainless steel dots make the non-stick frying surface scratch resistant, long lasting and durable.  

    La gourmet® 5 ply cladded 18/10 stainless steel non-stick cookware has unrivalled heat distribution because it has 3 layers of aluminium sandwiched in between the 18/10 stainless steel. Aluminium is one of the best conductors of heat. This saves up to 50% energy saving compared to normal cookware because more heat is retained.

    Suitable for induction stoves.


    • La gourmet® Galactic Cookware is warranted against any manufacturing defect for 2 years on the non-stick and 10 years on the stainless steel body
    • This does not cover against scratches, blisters of the non-stick due to persistent high heat and aggressive cooking.
    • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear from normal use of the cookware as well as any misuse of the item.

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    Weight 7.2 kg
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